I'm really not a coffee snob.

I had one of those migraines today. It seemed that most noises pounded my head like one of those carnival sledge hammers. The light that pierced through the window, even though most of the time the clouds darted back and forth in front of the sons' beaming rays, they still felt like little bayonets stabbing me in the left eyeball. I don't usually move when it gets like this. That's when the nausea kicks in and you really would rather I not describe that scenario. Usually I try to get some caffeine going. That is supposed to open up the blood vessels somewhere in the head and help relieve the pressure and pain, etc. So, I don't normally stop at a place that I'll refer to as Flunkin Flonots (I've changed the real name for everyone's protection). I go in and ask the little guy what they have with a lot of caffeine. Exasperatedly, he mumbles and waved his hand around and said something about a latte. I then inquired about flavored syrup.... I'll continue when you're finished laughing. ... I like my raspberry. Well he mumbles and waves his hand again and says something and I hear yeah raspberry flavoring. Okay, great. It's not a brew haha! Latte, or a grande venti whatever at starbux or seattles best but hey- we're gettin caffeine! What's he do? He sticks a cup under a machine and pushes a button that has some variation of a nestle powder in it and I end up drinking hot water with a little bit of powder mixed into it and $4 of attitude from the guy behind the counter because I don't have the menu memorized.

Kinda reminds me of the average church today. Someone comes in with a pounding hurt and need, asking for help. We expect them to know how to ask to fix themselves and give them an attitude when they don't. We hand them a sub-par product, take their money and expect them to be grateful for the whole process. Hmmm. I got a coffee pot at home don't I?