Who died and left Matt Damon in charge?

I've resisted blogging at times, because if I really spoke my mind I knew I'd risk offending some. Today, I take that risk again.

It didn't start with Damon, or the Dixie Twits; nor was Barbara Striesand the first to blast their opinions about politicians. A few years ago the country singing trio, Dixie Chicks slammed President Bush while on tour in Europe. Some got upset, others became new fans of country music. Striesand has made no secret of her liberal viewpoints and backing of such candidates. For some reason we allow these folks that are paid "entertainers" to influence our thinking on many other subjects. I'm not quite sure of the psychology behind it, other than the possibility that American are just dumb sheep and will follow anything. Just because these folks have a microphone and a camera does not make them experts on anything. I suppose because they have money, we equate that with success. Since they 'must be successful' we equate that with some sort of wisdom, then we deduce that they must know more than we do- so we will follow what they say. Let's be smarter than that. Take a quick glance at Hollywood what and where that success has taken many of its victims. Dare I start to bring up how many rehab centers, jails and psychologists offices are flooded with all of these successful people? I'm not bringing that up to start trashing them. I say that to make a point- their fame and fortune aren't a result of some superhuman wisdom, nor does it produce a greater level of it. These folks have the same problems the rest of the world does, sometimes that fame and fortune just compounds those problems. They are not gods. Tina Fey makes her money by portraying some of these politicians and others recently. She's let the world know that she does not want to portray a certain person after the elections this year. If that ticket wins the election, I think Tina Fey should quit acting and go get a job at Starbucks if she's so adamant.

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CraigD2599 said...

Right Arm, man! I don't think she does a very good Palin anyway.
Shut up and sing was created for these idiots!