You Really Can Learn From Anyone!

There is very little that I agree with that Penn Jillette (comedian/illusionist/confusionist) says.  However, the other week he said something that made a whole lotta sense.  As an aside, he is loosely endorsing the libertarian candidate Bob Barr, who seems way too conservative to get his endorsement.  Even stranger, he would probably endorse Ron Paul even faster if Penn were not tied to the libertarian party.  Anyway, as these odd things continue- Penn said that we should remember in this election NOT to vote for the person that we think is the smartest (although I am sure the pundits and late nighters will have their way with the intelligence, or lack thereof, of whomever is elected), NOT for the one that is most qualified, makes the best speeches, promises, yada yada yada:::.  He stated ever so eloquently- vote for the one whose values with which you agree.  I couldn't agree more!  

The next president, as with all presidents having the potential, could nominate multiple Supreme Court Justices.  These Justices do NOT have term limits.  They can serve on the bench for as long as they are capable.  If the next president places 3 of them in the next few years- it could shape our nation for generations to come!  This is only ONE area of many that the president will help shape, mold and guide our nation.  His (or her) VALUES are going to determine his or her path.

Let me add to this thing of voting for VALUES- that typically, people will do what they have a history of doing.  Right now, all of the people running for all of the offices (nationally and locally) are giving a lot of lip service.  They will say and do just about anything to get elected.  Their jobs and livelihoods are sometimes depending on these votes.   Imagine what you might do or say (especially if you didn't have much in the scruples or morals categories) to tell people to vote for you to keep your job?  How many of the promises have all of these politicians kept in the past?  Collectively, even?  They will do what they have done.  Find out what they have done:::  check it out here- - and as I have hinted, make sure you check out the VP's values as well and your local candidates for office.  

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