Merry Christmas!

Shalom is probably a term that most are familiar with hearing. It's a Hebrew word that is commonly used as a greeting and in general means "peace." Last night at the Christmas Eve service I described a little more about the word and what it means to us. Before I get into more of that, the Hebrew word Sar, some of you would more than likely guess (say, if it were an extra credit question on a test!) means "Prince." If you think of the word Sar being closely similar to the word we know as Czar. I know, someone is going to let me know- that word comes from the Russian word Tsar, which means "a leader, especially in a certain area." Recently, during the bailout talks we hear the idea being thrown around of having a "car czar," someone to watch over the auto industry. Not a bad idea maybe, but again- who wants MORE gov't and MORE spending on such things than as necessary. But I digress. The Sar in the Old Testament passage Isaiah 9.6 is that very last phrase- the One who was sent here (the Son of God) to watch over. That brings us to another word we use commonly- Lord. We call Him "Lord." But is that just a name we recite, or truly a title and a position we've given Him in our lives? Don't answer yet (as they say in the TV commercials)!!! There's more! He's not just a Lord (not to be confused with some taskmaster or slave driver either!)! He's the Sar (the One who watches over) Shalom (the peace that passes human words). He's not just standing there watching over us, waiting impatiently with His arms folded and tapping His foot. The word Shalom means rest, tranquility, wholeness, completeness. He came here to be our Sar Shalom! The One who watches over our rest. He wants us to have peace in the middle of the storm. He desires a wholeness and completeness that nobody else can give. He said He came to give us "life to its fullest!", "abundant life," "joy beyond words," "peace beyond explanation." in the middle of the crowded streets of our lives and the mayhem of our minds, as it seems at times, He can give PEACE.

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